Wills/Powers of Attorney/Real Estate


Whether you need living wills, a power of attorney, or help with basic real estate planning, the Law Office of Charles Ziegler can help. We know the ins and outs of Ohio law, helping you to plan your estate with the utmost confidence.

Living Wills

Estate planning is important preparation for everyone for any unfortunate events that may arise in the future, avoiding conflicts that involve estates and assets. With basic estate planning, like creating living wills and power of attorney, making difficult decisions come in handy.

Living wills are vital documents that tell your family and doctors how you want to be treated in case of a medical emergency. Charles Ziegler can explain what information you need to include in the document and ensure it is properly filled out and notarized.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney (POA) documents grant someone you trust the right to act on your behalf in various situations, including making healthcare decisions and financial transactions. Attorney Ziegler can help create a POA that is tailored to your wishes while also adhering to all local and state laws’ requirements.

Real Estate Consultation

If you have a real estate deed that needs to be prepared or a property dispute that needs resolving, Attorney Ziegler can provide professional advice and assistance.

No matter what your needs are, you can trust the Law Office of Charles Ziegler to make sure your interests are protected. With decades of experience helping individuals and families in Ohio, we will work with you step by step to create a will, power of attorney, and a real estate deed, that meets your interests. Contact us today to have a free consultation about your needs.


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