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Taking that step to end a marriage and partnership is rarely easy. This is especially true when children and joint finances are involved. At the Law Office of Charles Ziegler in Warren, OH, we may not be certified emotional support counselors, but we can offer compassionate, competent, and expert legal support and financial advice as your family navigates this new stage.

Located in Warren, OH, Attorney Ziegler primarily focuses on family law cases within Trumbull County. He offers professional representation for either side of the divorcing couple or both when there is a dissolution of marriage in which there are no contested issues.

Unfortunately, there are often going to be contested issues as two parties work towards an equitable separation agreement.

  • Negotiating divisions of marital property. Finances are more often than not a highly contested part of a divorce and a primary roadblock to a more mutually agreed upon dissolution of marriage. Attorney Ziegler is here to assist in navigating these muddy waters, helping parties obtain those items they most cherish, and negotiating a fair and equitable division of remaining marital property.
  • Negotiating child custody, visitation, and child support. Children are the other most contested aspect of divorce. In an ideal world, child custody agreements would be split 50-50 in shared parenting, with both parents remaining involved in the child or children’s lives. However, a 50-50 split on visitation and support finances is more the exception than the rule. Attorney Ziegler advocates for children foremost, working to secure the best in child custody, visitation, child support, and overall custody agreement that is in their best interest.

If you live or work in Trumbull County and are in need of professional legal representation, give our team at the Law Office of Charles Ziegler a call. We offer free consultations to help you get the information you need to take that next step.



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